8-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Blesses Travelers With Incredible Impromptu Performance

If you ever thought it’d be too hard to pick up a new hobby, such as playing a musical instrument, piano prodigy Jay Lewington is proof that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Just over a year ago, Lewington was a total novice to the piano. Then the eight-year-old began watching videos and practicing on his own without the help of a piano teacher or other classes and workshops. Now, 12-months later, the talented lad is giving emotional performances in the middle of a London train station. In the clip below, Lewington can be heard performing a breathtaking rendition of Chopin’s “Fantasie” in the middle of the St. Pancras Station.

One woman was so touched by the young boy’s playing that it brought her to tears.

This little boy certainly has a bright future ahead of him. Here’s to many more successful performances in the future!

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