She Got A Call Saying Her Horse Was Dead. When She Went Outside, Hilarity Ensued

Everyone, meet Pinto. Pinto is a pony. Pinto’s mom is sick of his shit.

Everyone, meet Pinto. Pinto is a pony. Pinto's mom is sick of his shit.

Facebook / Pinto Plays Possum

Why, you ask? Because every once in a while, she gets a phone call from a concerned passerby about the dead horse that’s laying on her property. While anyone else would break down after getting such a call, Pinto’s mom knows the truth. She’s onto his scheme.

Here’s what she had to say about a recent run-in with a contractor.

Electrical contractors called me. Ma’am you’ve got a dead horse here in your pasture.

No I don’t he plays dead all the time. Is his leg sticking straight up in the air?

Yes ma’am. I’m telling you he’s dead. The leg sticking up is because rigor mortis has set in ma’am, I know horses, I own a few.

Sir, my horse ain’t dead. He plays possum.

That was just one call too many. Watch as Pinto’s fed-up human gives him a stern (and totally hilarious) talking-to.

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Pinto is love. Pinto is life. Pinto is me on Monday morning. For more of this critter’s antics, be sure to check him out on Facebook and share his adorable nonsense with your friends!

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