Hilarious Video Shows News Anchor Totally Losing His Cool On Live TV

Managing a nightly news broadcast can be a difficult task in and of itself, but when breaking news hits in the middle of the broadcast, it’s almost a guarantee that something will go wrong.

It’s one of the joys of live TV, but for KOAT Channel 7 anchor Doug Fernandez, a series of technical difficulties left him feeling so over the situation. During the broadcast, Fernandez was meant to segue into a live report from the scene of a breaking news story, but audio and video files weren’t working properly. Quick on his feet, he pivoted to accommodate for apparently lost footage when the funniest thing happened.

Totally over it, the disgruntled newscaster can be seen throwing his script notes into the air and walking off camera in utter disgust. I feel you 100 percent, man.


If nothing else, this guy’s stress has brought smiles to many faces around the world. That’s a win, right?

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