Why Are You Limiting Your Coffee Maker To Coffee? You Can Make Anything In It!

What’s a coffee maker for? It’s not really a trick question. It’s in the name. What else could it be used for?

So many, many things.

We know you probably have a stove not too far from your coffee maker, but you can actually make all kinds of food in a coffee maker; after all, it uses heat and water. But if you’re going to try these, we recommend washing the coffee maker out very thoroughly before making your morning brew, because ramen-flavored coffee sounds pretty gross.

The easiest method is boiling things in the pot.

1. Lentils


Flickr / Jessica Spengler

Lentils cook quickly in hot water, so you can pop them right in the pot when the water starts boiling.

2. Rice


Flickr / Ruocaled

You can cook it in the pot, and if you have a glass one, you can monitor the process without opening the lid!

3. Ramen


Flicker / jeffreyw

You can cook both the noodle and soup components in a coffee maker. Honestly, you can boil pretty much any noodle you want in a coffee pot.

4. Eggs


Flickr / liz west

It’s just boiling water, so why not poach some eggs?

5. Oatmeal


Flickr / StarsApart

You can either cook the traditional kind in the pot, or let water drip down on the instant kind. For extra flavor, stick a teabag in the filter.

6. Grits


Flickr / Kate Hopkins

Like oatmeal, grits are easy to make, and you can add in whatever you want to make them more flavorful.

7. Soup


Flickr / Alpha

If it’s liquid, you can make it in a coffee maker.

The pot is also good for boiling and steaming vegetables. To steam, just use about an inch of water.

8. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Flickr / jeffreyw

Cut up the potatoes and boil them until soft. Then smash them elsewhere.

9. Corn


Flickr / Rosana Prada

You’ll probably have to break the cobs in half to fit in the pot, but they’ll be tender after about eight minutes of boiling.

10. Broccoli


Flickr / Steven Lilley

Like the corn, you can soften up some broccoli in boiling water as well.

11. Steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables

Flickr / miheco

Using just a little bit of water, you can steam any vegetable to deliciousness.

If you remove the pot, you’re left with the flat surface that heats up much like a frying pan or griddle. You can cook on that, too, but coat it with butter or oil first.

12. Grilled cheese

Grilled cheese

Flickr / Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife

This is the obvious choice.

13. Quesadilla


Flickr / Katherine Lim

A quesadilla is, after all, just a grilled cheese in a tortilla. Add fixins of your choice.

14. Pancakes


Flickr / hedvigs

The round shape of the griddle will help with form, too.

15. Hot dogs

Hot dogs

Flickr / TheBusyBrain

Hot dogs are perfect, because they can be grilled on the griddle or boiled in the pot. Or you can boil them first and give them a crispy finish at the end! Boom.

16. Eggs (again)

Eggs (again)

Flickr / Martin Cathrae

Like hot dogs, you can cook eggs two ways with a coffee maker.

Then there are more complicated meals you can make using the pot and the griddle section.

17. Lemon pepper chicken

Lemon pepper chicken

Flickr / David Chico Pham

Partially cover the chicken in water and boil in the pot with seasoning for about 15 minutes, then turn the chicken over. Save the juice to make mashed potatoes.

18. Pesto chicken pasta

Pesto chicken pasta

Flickr / Geoff Peters

Sear the chicken on the griddle. Grind up your pesto ingredients in the grinder. Use the pot to cook the pasta. And for the love of all that is good and holy, wash the coffee maker afterwards.

19. Cous cous with chicken

Cous cous with chicken

Flickr / Justin Smith

Again, you’re going to use the griddle to make the chicken, and the pot to boil the cous cous.

Don’t forget dessert. The coffee maker is good for that, too.

20. Candied nuts

Candied nuts

Flickr / See-ming Lee

Stir nuts into a mixture of sugar, water, and spices. Remove and let dry on a platter.

21. Chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue

Flickr / Lin Pernille Photography LLC

Heat up cream in the pot, and after about 15 minutes, stir in chocolate. Cook that for another ten minutes and start dipping.

22. Caramel


Flickr / Kim Love

Start with butter. Once it’s melted, add cocoa, sugar, and corn syrup. Stir together and pour into a greased pan. Let it sit for about an hour.

And besides coffee, you can also use it to make other beverages.

23. Beer


Flickr / Quinn Dombroski

Legend has it you can brew beer in a coffee maker, possibly using Raisin Bran.

24. Tea


Flickr / Steven Depolo

It’s funny that the best thing (and probably the most realistic thing) you can make besides coffee in a coffee maker is tea. It’s especially good for loose leaf tea. Just put it where you’d normally put your coffee grounds and run the coffee maker as normal. You might have to adjust the water-to-tea ratio depending on the type, but it’s an easy way to make the perfect amount of tea for you and a friend.

Okay, so some of these are less than practical, especially when you’ve got a perfectly good stove and oven less than five feet away. But should anything happen to that stove, you can still make a home-cooked meal! It’s always good to have a back up plan. Pretty cool, right?

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