10 Toxic Shock Syndrome Symptoms To Look Out For

Women who use tampons have seen the warnings about toxic shock syndrome (TSS) printed on boxes for years and years.

TSS is a rare bacterial infection, with one to two cases per 100,000 menstruating women between the ages of 15 to 44 in the US. That said, it can happen with tampon use when Staphylococcus or Streptococcus bacteria gets deep into bodily tissue and begins attacking internal organs. Additionally, women under the age of 30 are much more likely to get TSS.

TSS requires immediate treatment. The scary thing is that symptoms of TSS can be similar to menstrual cramps and/or the flu. That’s why it’s critical you know and recognize the signs that you may have it. Here are 10 symptoms of TSS to watch for.

1. Leaving In A Tampon For Too Long (Especially If It’s Higher Absorbency)

Leaving In A Tampon For Too Long (Especially If It's Higher Absorbency)

Flickr / Eric E Castro

2. Sudden High Fever

Sudden High Fever


3. Vomiting


YouTube / Health Focus

4. Diarrhea


YouTube / Health Space

5. Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure

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6. Confusion Or Dizziness

Confusion Or Dizziness

YouTube / Remedies Cure

7. A Sunburn-Like Rash On Hands And Feet

A Sunburn-Like Rash On Hands And Feet

Wikimedia Commons

8. Muscle Aches And Headaches

Muscle Aches And Headaches

Flickr / r. nial bradshaw

9. Redness in Mouth, Throat, And Eyes

Redness in Mouth, Throat, And Eyes

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10. Seizures And Fainting

Seizures And Fainting

YouTube / Epilepsy Action

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If you’re particularly nervous about getting TSS, remember — you can always go with a pad, a menstrual cup, or other period-oriented products instead.

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