This Artist’s Creations Are Totally Twisted…And We Mean That Quite Literally

Many women love using makeup to accentuate and bring out their natural beauty, but this lady prefers give her face more of a twisted look.

Ines Kuš is an artist from Croatia who’s always found joy in being creative, especially when it comes to painting her face. She particularly loves using water-based body paints, oil paints, and acrylics to transform and “tie up” her face into surreal illusions that seem almost impossible to pull off.

Because every line has to be in the perfect spot for the final product to look realistic, Kuš sometimes spends 12 hours on each facial creation…

…and it definitely shows.

For the final look, she stands in front of a black background, as shown below.

(via BoredPanda)

Aren’t these awesome? To check out more of her cool and twisted illusions, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

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