Teachers Reveal The 14 Most Unusual Names That Their Kids Ever Had

Welcoming little ones into the world is preceded by months of planning, and picking out the perfect name might just be the most important decision of all.

You have all the power because the name your choose for your bundle of joy will follow them into classrooms and job interviews forever. For that reason, you should probably take that job pretty seriously.

Things get tricky when guardians start getting creative. Just ask the parents of these 14 kids. Teachers were asked to post the weirdest names they’ve ever encountered on their student rosters, and let’s just say that these kiddos probably have it rough.

1. Peachtreanna


Flickr / beautifulcataya

She’s from Georgia, if you didn’t already guess that.

2. Pennis


Flickr / Denis Mihailov

Pronounced like Dennis, but with a P. Nice.

3. Neo


Flickr / 婠 玥

I guess his parents really loved “The Matrix.”

4. Civic Celebration

Civic Celebration

Flickr / Jay

They must be into doing community service.

5. Poultry


Flickr / Gep Pascual

The world is a cruel, cruel place.

6. Princess


Flickr / rjp

And her siblings Prince, Crowned Prince, Prince Mowgli, Princess Modica-Nordica. This family must be stopped.

7. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

Flickr / Michael Kordahi

Who doesn’t love Indy?

8. Mrs. Poo

Mrs. Poo

Flickr / maggielovejun


9. Ice Cold

Ice Cold

Flickr / Carlos Andrés Reyes

Let’s hope he’s a fighter.

10. Peonme


Flickr / Paw Paw


11. Mister


Flickr / Christiaan Briggs

He’s probably a little young for such a formal title.

12. Wanna Smoke

Wanna Smoke

Flickr / tomoyukinoshita

This is just mean.

13. Starshyt


Filckr / Jim Epler

Some people should think twice about having kids. Parents who think this name is a good idea are among them.

14. Porn


Flickr / Tracy the Astonishing

Not nice.

(via Reddit)

If you ever feel bummed about having a boring name, just remember that there’s achild who has to answer to Mrs. Poo running around out there.

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