She Took A Fallen Tree And Used It In 20 Different Incredible Ideas

Trees are nature’s work of art, growing in an endless combination of textures, colors, and sizes. Plus, they’re scientifically the longest living things on earth!

When a tree falls in your backyard, think twice before you call a tree-removal company to come and snatch it. Instead, turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece of gorgeous home decor like the 20 DIY projects below. You’re sure to be inspired by the rustic beauty of these items.

1. Bathroom side table

Bathroom side table

Sublime Decor

You could put this table in other parts of your home, as well.

2. Rolling coffee table

Rolling coffee table


This coffee table looks gorgeous, but the design is simple.

3. All-natural bike stand

All-natural bike stand

Handmade Charlotte

All you need to make this is a saw.

4. Refrigerator magnets

Refrigerator magnets


Even if woodworking isn’t your thing, these are incredibly simple to make.

5. Kitchen island

Kitchen island

Improvised Life

Be prepared to get down and dirty with this advanced DIY.

6. Twig privacy screen

Twig privacy screen

The Owner Builder Network

I want to make this for my backyard.

7. Flower planter

Flower planter

MSC Home and Garden

If you have the resources to hollow out a log, it makes a gorgeous self-contained garden.

8. Garden path

Garden path

Alternative Energy Gardening

This DIY gives your backyard an ethereal feel.

9. Staircase handrail

Staircase handrail


Even someone with very little crafting skill could make this.

10. Tree branch gazebo

Tree branch gazebo

Home Talk

You’ll impress your guests while entertaining outdoors with this DIY project.

11. Raised flower bed

Raised flower bed

PhD In Parenting

Instead of buying a fence for your garden, why not make one out of a fallen tree?

12. Tree branch ladder

Tree branch ladder


Preserve the wood and keep it inside, or place it out in the garden.

13. Carved couch

Carved couch

The Berry

You’ll need some serious skills and a really big tree for this one.

14. Branch coat hanger

Branch coat hanger

The Owner Builder Network

This is a simple way to add a bit of rustic flair to your home.

15. Drink coasters

Drink coasters

I Gotta Create

The rings on these coasters look so cool!

16. Chalkboards


Home Talk

These would be cute in the kitchen or a child’s bedroom.

17. A vintage chair, fallen tree hybrid

A vintage chair, fallen tree hybrid

Facebook / Lots Of Woods

If you’re upcycling a tree, why not kill two birds with one stone and add a vintage chair to the mix?

18. Bird feeder

Bird feeder


This would be a good introduction project for woodworking.

19. Bookcases


The Blog on the Bookshelf

A hollowed-out tree makes a perfect bookcase, like these ones in Berlin, Germany.

20. Rustic cabinet

Rustic cabinet


You don’t have to use it as a bookcase!

These projects make me really sad I don’t have a fallen tree in my backyard right now. I think I have some firewood left over from the winter, though. I’m going to make some wooden slab chalkboards ASAP. Which of these projects inspired you?

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