This Tipsy Critter Ate One Too Many Crab Apples And The Footage Is So Relatable

Walking home from the bar after a heavy night of drinking should be an Olympic sport.

Perhaps one of the greatest perks of going to college in a small town was that there were plenty of bars just a stone’s throw from campus. Not only did it help cut down on the number of drunk drivers, but it also helped eliminate long parades of drunks wandering around the dimly-lit streets for too long. If you’ve never been tasked with serving as a drunken shepherd, guiding a flock of tipsy friends home after a night on the town, consider yourself lucky. But as it turns out, humans aren’t the only one that can’t control their actions after having one too many.

After eating a few fermented crab apples, this unlucky squirrel takes quite the tumble from a tree, as an ever-so-amused family sits back and watches the shwasted squirrel struggle. Unsure of which way is up, the squirrel then attempts to hop his way to another tree to no avail.

As entertaining as watching this drunk squirrel is, I can’t help but feel a bit thankful that none of my college friends captured any of my drunken antics on video (that I know of).

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I bet this critter is just another college student letting loose. Feel better, little buddy. Finals are coming up.


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