This Is The Parenting Trend That Could Put Babies At Risk For An Awful Disease

In some aspects of life, it seems like we’ve come full circle.

While all births used to happen at home, many without the help of a doctor, the pendulum swung in the other direction, making hospital birth the most popular option. Now, some parents are choosing to have their births at home again with the help of a midwife and/or doula. These home births can take various forms, some traditional, some less so.

Water birth is one popular option for pregnant women, but experts are now warning that it’s important to watch out for some serious risks.

Legionnaire’s disease is a bacterial form of pnuemonia that’s spread through contaminated water rather from person to person.

Recently, several infants have contracted the disease after water births in home tubs that carried the bacteria.

Experts say infants contracting Legionnaire’s disease through underwater birth isn’t surprising, and there are things parents who want to give birth this way can do to reduce risk.

One of the most important things is to make sure the temperature of the water does not invite bacteria.

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Today I reminisce on the time in my life when I wondered if my heart would ever expand enough to love another being as much a I loved my first child. When i pondered whether my body could do it again. If my child would welcome a sibling with ease or resistance. Today, my second born is turning 7. I honor her, and every mother who harbors those same thoughts as I did, with a re-telling of her birth journey. Link is profile 💚 'July 1st, I awoke early to ready myself for the first Canada Day parade of our lives here in Alberta. We were to breakfast at my new friend Debbie's house. I knew, when I awoke, just as I had with my first baby, that today something would happen. I was seven days away from my official due date but my body buzzed with anticipation and knowing and sheer exhilaration. I grinned. I can still recall that absolute excitement…. The day passed in a whirl of red and white flags, floats, celebration, subtle waves of contractions and further heightened awareness. I cuddled Isabella a lot and felt premature nostalgia for the days that I knew were coming to an end: the days of just three of us. It had been just she, jeremy and I for 3 years and 9 months and we sure had gypsy-adventured.' #waterbirth #birthstory . . . . #doula #mama #motherof4 #tellyourtales #seedholisticbirth #yycfamilies #yyc #yycdoula #yycmama #motherhoodunplugged #midwifery #yycmidwives #birthpartnershipmidwives #secondborn #motherofdaughters #raisinggoddesses

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Another is to start labor underwater but ultimately give birth outside of it.

No matter what, parents should do research, decide what’s right for them and keep an eye out for any symptoms that require medical attention.

(via CNN)

This is important information for expectant mothers to consider. Share this with the people you know to keep their families happy and healthy.

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