People Think These Animals Are Scary Predators, But This Nugget May Change Your Mind

Remember this guy from the Saturday morning cartoons of your childhood?


From the rambunctious cartoon character to the real-life animal’s toothy snarl, I (like many people) always thought that Tasmanian devils were scary predators. To small prey, they totally can be!

What no one ever told me, however, is that the babies are the cutest little nuggets a person could ever hope to meet!


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Just look at them tryin’ to scream, but they’re so little! They couldn’t scare a fly.

These little guys are just as playful as any other baby animal…


…and they absolutely adore cuddles! Seriously, how are you not in love right now?


If you’re not convinced that Tasmanian devils are absolutely adorable, wait until you see this little fellow chase down his human. It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Sadly, as wonderful as Tasmanian devils are, they are also endangered. The gentleman above, Mr. Tim Faulker, works at the Devil’s Ark, a free-range sanctuary in Australia dedicated to helping the little devils thrive.

As you can see in this clip, Tim and the devils he cares for have a beautiful relationship! If you’d like to learn more about Devil’s Ark and their mission to protect these endangered creatures, click here.

Don’t forget to share this story with your friends and family! They may be surprised to learn that their impressions of Tasmanian devils couldn’t be more wrong.

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