Homeowners Come Up With A Scary Solution To Their Garbage-Eating Bear Problem

In some parts of the country, bears getting into people’s trash can be a real problem.

I love to tell the story of my parents accidentally throwing their keys in the trash, only to wake up and find that a bear had strewn the garbage all over the woods, keys included. And even if it’s just trash, it’s gross and you’ll have to clean it up anyway.

That’s why people living in areas frequented by black bears have to come up with their own solutions that won’t hurt the bears. What one couple did is totally genius, and they caught the whole thing on camera.

They took a motion-sensing Halloween decoration and hung it on the trash can. Watch what happens when the bear gets too close!

Youtube / ViralHog

OMG, this is too brilliant. To be fair to the bear, though, I think that creepy laugh would keep ANYONE away.

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