They Repeatedly Raped A Child, But What They Called To Their Defense? It’s Baffling

For three years, Timothy Ciboro and his son, Esten, imprisoned and repeatedly raped a teenage girl. Now they’re walking into trial armed with nothing more than the Holy Bible as their legal defense.

The 13-year-old girl, Timothy Ciboro’s stepdaughter, was found wandering around downtown Toledo, Ohio, in May 2015. Reportedly, she’d been dropped off to live with Ciboro in 2012 when her mother moved to Las Vegas. Although filthy and traumatized, the young survivor managed to tell authorities that she’d been forced to obey a “50-point system.” When she failed, she was taken to the basement, handcuffed, and raped by Timothy and Esten. Often, she was forced to eat spoiled food and she was denied a toilet.

Finally, she was able to smuggle a key and escape. She and Timothy’s other two sons have been moved to foster care.

Timothy (who stands accused of a separate child rape as well) and Esten have denied all legal representation and say the Bible is the only defense they need. In Timothy’s own words, “It’s the only law book that truly matters.”

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To make matters even stranger, Timothy and Esten’s social media pages were full of Satanic references at the time of their arrest.

Nevertheless, the pair continues to insist that the only defense they need in their trial is the Bible. Timothy told the judge, “There’s a great deal of strategy in Scriptures and I use those strategies in everything I do.”

Considering his crimes, it’s a far-fetched statement. Court-appointed lawyers will be on scene in case the Ciboros change their mind.

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