They Tested Cat-Calling In Three Cities — How Do You Think New York Stacked Up?

While cat-callingmay seem like a harmless way to compliment women, it can actually be pretty intrusive.

Many women want to be able to walk in public without receiving unwanted whistling, honking, and shouts of “hey baby” and similar phrases in response to the way they look. It’s commonly assumed that they should be flattered and feel good about themselves for the attention they receive from men and sometimes even other women, but those who experience it often say it feels like a form of sexual harassment.

Cat-calling isn’t limited to any particular place, but Daily Mail wanted to test where it was the most prevalent — so they sent models to New York, Sydney, and Liverpool to find out which of the women received the most cat-calls in the span of two hours.

While some of the men were certainly polite and only said things like “hello,” it’s obvious that others talked to the women based only on sexual attraction to their bodies and frankly treated them like objects to be had.Moreover, some of the men don’t stop when it’s clear that the women don’t want to talk.

If you don’t agree that this behavior is offensive, try imagining it being directed at your daughter…

…or your girlfriend.

How about your mother?

(via Daily Mail)

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The bottom line is that if you think this behavior is unacceptable when directed at your loved ones, it’s unacceptable period.Share if you think no woman should have to feel uncomfortable while walking in public.

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