They Thought Their Cat Was Messing With A Worm…Then They Got A Closer Look. OMG

If you think you’re having a bad day, just wait until you see what happened to Marian the cat in Mendocino County, California.

At first, Marian’s owners thought she was playing with a worm. When they got a closer look, they realized that a sharp-tailed snake was lodged in her nasal cavity. As far as they could tell, Marian had been eating the snake but forgot to chew. In a fight for its life, the snake wiggled into her sinuses and out her left nostril.

This is why you should always chew your food — especially if it’s alive and ready to fight!

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I bet Marian will stay far away from snakes after this! Be sure to share this crazy video with your friends and family, especially those who own curious cats.

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