20 Cats Doing What They Do Best And Cracking Everyone Up In The Process

Cats are very peculiar creatures.

And in my opinion, that’s what makes them such awesome pets. Sure, coming home to huge messes, being woken up in the middle of the night by loud, strange moaning, and having all your stuff get knocked off the table aren’t the most favorable qualities about them, but they make up for it with their quirky and silly antics — as evidenced by the 20 cuties below.

1. The awesome thing about cats is that no matter what situation they’re in, they have no problem entertaining themselves.

2. Whether they’re being good bros…


3. …chillin’ in boxes…

4. …(and bags)…

5. …climbing up their favorite humans…

Hold my nip while I climb this human

6. …dunking their heads in glasses..

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İMDAT!!! HIRSIZ VAR!!! #catsbeingcats

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7. …acting out scenes from “Game of Thrones”…

8. …gossiping…

9. …or giving each other massages…


10. …they’re always having fun.

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#hypercat #zombiecat #kitten

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11. Also, don’t mess with them — especially if you happen to be a dog.

Outnumbered hitcat doesn’t back down.

12. And here we have the good old, “if it fits, I sits” method.

13. “Look, a bird! Quick, make the weirdest noises you can!”

14. Someone’s high as a kite.

15. I’d be remiss if I didn’t include at least one gorgeously handsome feline.

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O humor de um segunda feira!!! #pietra_cat

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16. This guy is a perfect example of peak cat laziness.

This guy is a perfect example of peak cat laziness.

Reddit / britishcracker

17. “Oh, you’re cleaning? Better make it as difficult for you as I can!”

18. Say goodbye to bathroom privacy if you ever adopt a cat.

19. “Who could have done this?!”

20. And here we have the furry devil himself.

Having cats myself, I relate all too well to every single thing on this list. Which of these matches your kitty the most?


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