Chihuahua Hilariously Loses It When She Sees Her Favorite Human After Two Months

Pretty much every time I come home after leaving for a few hours, both of my dogs squeal uncontrollably. Their happiness just from seeing me is so sweet that it never gets old.

I rarely go out of town on vacation, so I couldn’t even imagine what their reactions would be if I came back from being gone for a few weeks, let alone months. But if this chihuahua’s hilarious response is any indication, they’d completely freak out.

Miss Poppy hasn’t seen her owner, Michael Tully, for the past two months while the director was away filming in Ireland. She was so overjoyed when he finally came home that she just couldn’t contain how ecstatic she was, and it’s adorable.

Dogs are seriously the best. We really don’t deserve their sweet, loving selves. Share if your furry little cuties react the same way when you come home!

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