8 Health Warning Signs That Show Up When Your Child Is Sleeping

If you’re a parent, you’re probably pretty concerned about your kid’s well-being.

Some moms and dads continue to worry even when their kids are fast asleep! And maybe that’s not a bad thing, because there are some signs hidden in your child’s sleep habits that might indicate illnesses or other issues. Here’s what they are and how to determine if you should take your little one to a doctor.

1. If your child is sleeping a lot more than usual, they may be sick or about to get sick.


2. Kids who wake up coughing a lot at night, especially during the toddler years, may be developing asthma.

3. Wetting the bed might be a sign of bladder issues, among other things. If your child is consistently wetting the bed, be sure to take them to a doctor.


4. Sleepwalking can be dangerous because your child can run into objects and hurt themselves. Best to schedule an appointment to get this habit nipped in the bud.

5. Snoring loudly could be a sign of tonsil or adenoid issues, allergies, or a sinus problem.

6. Nightmares aren’t a medical concern, but you should talk to your child if they’re experiencing frequent bad dreams to help them feel better and hopefully make them go away.

7. Too little sleep can be detrimental, as rest is essential for kids’ growth and development.


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8. Being tired throughout the day is a potential sign of iron deficiency or other problems.

(via MummyPages and National Sleep Foundation)

These are all important things to look out for. Be sure to share them with the parents you know so they can keep their kids healthy, too!


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