10 Chin Up Bar Fails Prove One Piece Of Workout Equipment Can Be So Entertaining

Exercising and lifting weights is hard work, and not everyone has access to a gym.

That’s why it’s awesome that gym equipment is more affordable than ever for your home. Whether you were the kid who owned the pull up challenge or the one who could barely hang there, home pull up bars are a great way to gain strength and improve your skills.

Unfortunately, they can also be unreliable if they’re not set up correctly. Fortunately for you, this means we’ve got a list of 10 hilarious pull up bar fails that will have you roaring.

1. The importance of making sure everything is secure cannot be overstated.

Youtube / Lumbroso

2. Do NOT try this at home.

to grab the bar from therewasanattempt

3. This little guy has no idea what’s about to happen.

Youtube / Coop Mania 9

4. These girls were asking for trouble, and boy did they get it.

Youtube / collins180020


5. It was the fancy tricks that really did him in.

Youtube / amer tamimi

6. The more of these I watch the more I think maybe home pull up bars actually aren’t good.

Youtube / DailyPicksandFlicks

7. It seems insane that these are allowed to be sold???

Youtube / thehamburgershirt

8. At least in this one her body fails, not the bar itself.

Youtube / Full3FailVideo


9. If nothing else, let this list teach you that children should stay far away from pull up bars.

Youtube / Carson Mindy

10. Everything about this is a big old NOPE.

Youtube / KhargWarrior

I had actually been thinking about getting one of these for my house, but I think I’ll pass. Which one made you cringe the most? Let us know in the comments!

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