When They Checked Their Security Footage, This Family Came Across Something Chilling

Remember last summer when the nation was plagued with killer clowns like this one? Well, just when you thought it was safe to walk the city streets without a run-in with Bozo, this trash happens.

With the release of the “IT” remake last weekend, it only makes sense that the killer clown craze would circle back around. But while the movie’s antagonist Pennywise may be nothing more than a fictional character, the ominous creeper that appeared on this family’s security camera is very much the real deal.

A Wisconsin family was caught off guard when they discovered an unwelcome visitor at their doorstep. In the clip a clown can be seen lurking about in the family’s yard before coming up to the front door and even peering inside the front window.

While some people speculate that the incident was the work of a crew producing an independent film, others believe the footage is nothing more than a timely prank.


(Via Daily Mail)

While I’ve never really been one to have an irrational fear of clowns, I’ll be double checking my locks tonight just to be safe.

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