When A Croc Invaded Their Space, These Hippos Stopped At Nothing To Get It Out

You might assume crocodiles are the scariest creatures to encounter in a body of water, but these hippopotamuses would appreciate it if you held their beers.

While the South Africa hippos were hanging out in the Kruger National Park, they noticed a very unwelcome visitor in their pool. That’s when all 30 of them decided to play a game of “Hungry Hungry Hippos” with the crocodile that dared to cross them.

Harish Kumar was the one to capture the footage of the epic fight. Watch as the unfortunate croc gets tossed around before it’s lucky enough to escape.

Let this serve as a reminder that though Fiona the hippo may be adorable, you never want to mess with any of her kind. Something tells me that crocodile will steer clear of those particular waters from now on.

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