Her dad died months before her wedding, she loses it when her brother tells her to turn around

Andrea was on the verge of marrying her husband when disaster struck. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before he had the chance to see his daughter walk down the aisle. Women everywhere can certainly empathize with her and while this was certainly far from ideal, this story has a happy ending.

There is only one connection that can rival the bond that takes place between a father and a daughter and that is the bond between a brother and his sister. The brother in this story understood his sister’s pain and the plan that he came up with to alleviate his sister’s suffering on her special day is nothing short of spectacular.

Since Andrea was not able to have the traditional father and daughter dance with the man who was responsible for raising her, her brother sprung into action and decided that he could not let this moment pass without any sort of acknowledgement.

Not only did he take the time to record a special song for the occasion, but he was sure to put his heart and soul into the music, offering the perfect soundtrack for what would be one of the most stirring moments of Andrea’s life.

Best of all, the rest of the men in her family stepped up to the plate and allowed her to share the moment with them, taking the place of her father for the daddy/daughter dance portion of the proceedings. As you might have imagined, there was not a dry eye in the house by the time the song had concluded.

If you wish to hear this brother’s song for yourself, be sure to check out this amazing video, so that you can appreciate this touching moment for yourself. Once the clip has concluded, take a moment to share it with your loved ones on Facebook.

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