Funny, Fed-Up Dad Responds To Son’s Crying Like We All Want To When Kids Lose It

If there’s one sound that just cuts into my soul like a dull knife, it’s the cacophony of kids crying and throwing tantrums.

And I don’t mean that in some maternal “I want to help” way. I mean that in the “please get this screaming youth away from me before I snap” way. And admit it — even if babies are your most favorite little critters on Earth, one too many empty sobs can drive you over the edge.

That’s why this father’s response to his son crying speaks to me spiritually. Watch what happens when the little guy realizes Dad is onto his crazy scheme.

“Yeah, you don’t like that, huh?”

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Next time your kiddo decides to go full-on crazy when you say they’ve had enough candy, give them a dose of their own weepy medicine. Share this with all the parents in your life!

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