Daughter Posts Selfie With Mom Every Year On Final Day Of School. Last Pic Has Twitter In Tears.

Every family tends to follow their own traditions and all of these traditions deserve to be recognized in their own way. One Twitter user (handle: sav-age) and her mother have a very special tradition that they decided to share with the world recently. Each school year, they take a selfie together on the first day and the last day. This tradition has been kept all the way up until her senior year.

On the last day of her senior year, the Texas teenager took the final photo. From there, she took to Twitter to provide her followers with the chance to take a closer look at her progression. The love and joy that this mother and daughter share for one another is more than evident. As the years go on, there is a clue that things are not progressing in the manner that this family would like and it is a heartbreaker.

By the time junior year rolled around, her mother had lost all of her hair as a result of chemotherapy. The final picture in the set had us tearing up and trust us, you will, too. The teenager posted the final selfie in the set but this one was not a happy car ride shot. The picture was taken at her mother’s graveside. This young woman’s mother had passed away before having the chance to see her daughter graduate from high school.

Believe it or not, this teen is still maintaining a sunny outlook despite what has taken place. Her determination to keep this awesome tradition alive is truly heartwarming. On the day of her graduation, she could feel her mother’s presence. She did not post the photos on her Twitter account in hopes of receiving sympathy.

She simply wanted to show the joy that she knew her mother would feel had she still been alive.

Once the photos were posted, they went viral almost immediately and Twitter users from all over the world rallied around the young woman.

They offered words of encouragement and let her know that her mother was now in a better place.

While this high school graduate may have lost a mother before she was able to walk across the stage to receive her diploma, what she gained was a guardian angel. We hope and pray that her mother is resting in peace. We also urge you to pick up the phone and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you today!

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