Watch The Adorable Moment A Dog And A Dolphin Play In The Ocean Together

A lot of people dream of being able to swim with dolphins.

Even though there are locations where you can in fact swim with dolphins while on vacation, jumping off your boat in the open ocean probably isn’t the best idea. We know very little about how wild bottlenose dolphins interact with non-ocean creatures.

One little dog named Bella was out for a boat ride in the Bahamas recently, and the Schipperke threw caution to the wind when she spotted a new friend in the water. Fortunately, this interaction was pretty adorable.

Watch Bella and the dog splash around and play! I can’t get enough of this cuteness.

Adorable! Sometimes friendship is a risk, but it’s totally worth it. Share this with the dog lovers in your life who would love to see their pups riding the waves.

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