What This Dog Just Did To A Street View Photographer Will Make You Laugh So Hard

Photographers sometimes inadvertently capture funny images of people while taking photos for programs like Google Earth, but nothing quite as adorable as what this guy ran into.

While out doing his job in Ulleung-gun, South Korea, a street view photographer was greeted with one of the cutest sights ever — a friendly golden retriever. The happy pup was so pleased to see the man that he ended up following him everywhere he went, and the resulting photos are priceless.

“Hi hello there hooman welcome to my home!”

"Hi hello there hooman welcome to my home!"

Imgur / MinimalResults

“I will be your humble doggo guide.”

"I will be your humble doggo guide."

Imgur / MinimalResults

“Here’s the best spot for naps and belly rubs.”

"Here's the best spot for naps and belly rubs."

Imgur / MinimalResults

“Hey where ya going?”

"Hey where ya going?"

Imgur / MinimalResults

“Don’t leave. I love you.”

"Don't leave. I love you."

Imgur / MinimalResults

(via BoredPanda)

Somebody please tell me exactly where that is so I can go there and bring this sweet floof home with me. Be sure to share these funny photos with all the dog lovers in your life!

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