Move Over, Lady. This Funny Pup Wants His 15 Minutes Of Fame On Live TV.

Most people would love to be surprised with the company of an adorable dog, but definitely not this lady!

While covering the latest news during a live broadcast, a reporter for the Russian TV station Mir 24 was startled (and a little frightened) to hear an animal barking. Her panic visibly grew when out of nowhere, a black Labrador casually popped up right next to her and joined in on the news report. Their awkward interaction is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

While it’s obvious in the video below that this journalist is more of a cat person, I think it’s safe to say the pup grew on her because he’s basically the cutest co-anchor ever.

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Some think this was a publicity stunt because the network’s logo is a black Labrador, but either way, this cutie is so adorable that it doesn’t even matter. Share if you’d like the news more if this became a regular thing!

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