Oh, You Thought Cysts On The Body Were Bad? Try This One That Was Already Removed

Those of us who know and love Dr. Pimple Popper’s work have watched her pop, cut, and remove all kinds of nasty pimples and cysts.

One thing that Dr. Sandra Lee’s fans aren’t that used to, however, is watching a cyst being drained after it gets cut out of a patient’s body like in this spectacularly disgusting video.

Dr. Lee was more than happy to oblige when a woman came to her asking to have a huge cyst removed from the side of her knee, which is gross enough to watch by itself.But after she pulls that sucker out and places it in a tray to be drained, things get so much nastier.

Check out the good doctor cutting out the nearly baseball-sized cyst below, but please, don’t eat while you watch this.(The fun part starts at 18:09.)

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The amount of liquid that came out of that thing seems totally unreal.Share this video if it left you feeling more than a little nauseous because you shouldn’t be the only one who has to suffer.


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