Driving Is Hard. These 15 Driver’s Ed Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

For teenagers and even some adults, one of the most difficult and important tests they’ll take is the one for their driver’s license.

Sure, the test ends up being a breeze for some people, but as evidenced by the many car accidents that happen pretty much everywhere on a daily basis, others aren’t quite able to grasp the simple rules of the road — like the terrible drivers below.

Just hope you don’t live in the same areas as these 15 people, because their complete lack of driving skills makes them seriously dangerous behind the wheel. Student drivers, we see you.

1. The person behind this nonsense was the driving INSTRUCTOR, for God’s sake.


2. Don’t turn left until you’re sure you’re gonna get t-boned.


3. This driver left quite an impression on the DMV building.

This driver left quite an impression on the DMV building.

Reddit / itypewords

4. This guy pranked testers by purposefully failing his test multiple times, but that doesn’t make what he did any less dangerous or stupid.

5. Somebody really just needs to just go back to driver’s ed and start over from the beginning.

6. There’s no way I’d ever get in a car with this guy behind the wheel.

7. Not only does this driver hit a curb, but he ends up blowing out a tire as well.

8. “Watched a kid fail his driving test today right before my turn.”

"Watched a kid fail his driving test today right before my turn."

Reddit / ericjh15

9. The failure here is so epic it’s almost impressive.

10. This poor driver barely made it out of the lot before failing.

11. And here we see a practical use of the million point turn.


12. This is the exact opposite of how you should handle failing your test. Warning: this video contains graphic content.


13. This elderly woman has an especially bad case of lead foot.

14. This is how you really shouldn’t show up to driver’s ed.

This is how you really shouldn't show up to driver's ed.

Facebook / KING 5

15. I don’t even know where to start with this ray of sunshine, but I’d definitely be afraid if I were the passenger. Be warned, she loves using graphic language.

Yikes. These people are exactly why it’s so damn important to know how to drive defensively. Be sure to share these scary fails if they made you think twice about getting in your car today.

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