22 Dogs After Surgery That Are Too Good (And Too Funny) For This World

Twice a year, I have the awful displeasure of dragging my terrified dogs to the vet.

No matter how much you wish you could explain that everything will be fine and it’s for their own good, they just don’t understand and proceed to act like they’re going to a slaughterhouse instead.What makes it even worse is when they have to go through surgery and get completely drugged up afterwards — though I have to admit that watching them cope with their altered reality is pretty entertaining.

It isn’t hard to see that these 22 poor puppers just came back from the vet’s office because they’re completely strung out after surgery.

1. “Why won’t the room stop spinning?”

"Why won't the room stop spinning?"

Reddit / WhateverGreg

2. “This couch is like, sooo soft.”


3. She just needs to sleep it off.

She just needs to sleep it off.

Reddit / itsonlyliz

4. The lights may be on but there’s definitely no one home.



Reddit /mhochman

6. “Man…like, I just love everything.”

7. “I can see colors!”

"I can see colors!"

Reddit / wantagh

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8. “Where’s the ball?More like why is the ball?”

9. “…Where am I?”

"...Where am I?"

Reddit / Samattack55

10. “Am I gonna feel like dis forever?”

11. “Do I know you?”

12. “I swear I feel fine!”

13. “What if I never find out who’s a good boy?”

14. “Duuuuuuuuude.”

15. “If you think about it, hoomans are just doggos without fur.”

16. “Everyone knows I’m high.”

17. “Everything feels so awesome.”


18. 404 Error: dog not found.

19. Don’t worry, buddy.You’ll come down soon.

20. “I can’t feel my legs.”


21. “Can we please get off this ride?”

22. And I present the derpiest of them all….


(via BuzzFeed)

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Poor little nuggets.At least some of them looked like they were having a good time. Share these hilarious cuties with all the dog lovers in your life!

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