Mom Caught On CCTV Trying To Drive Small Children Around While Intoxicated

On March 7, this mom of six not only left her two- and four-year-olds at home, but drove drunk to pick up her four other children, who are between the ages of six and 10, from school.

When police pulled 33-year-old Lisa Johnston over with the children in the car, she reportedly blew a readingof 0.212, which is four times the legal limit. After arresting her, officers took the kids into their care andwent to Johnston’s Cranebrooke, Australia, home to pick up the two unattended children.

Concerned neighbors told them they’d seen herattempting to pull out of her driveway several times that day. The horrifying stunt had been captured on nearby security cameras.

Her explanation for all of this?She was “already 17 minutes late.”

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Johnston has been charged with high-range drunk driving and is due in court later this month.All six of her kids are currently being taken care of by a relative.Share if you’re against drinking and driving, especially when there are children involved.

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