Drivers Tried To Warn This Man That Something Was Wrong, But It Was Too Late

As people have proven time and time again, it’s difficult enough to maneuver an ordinary car or truck, let alone something crazy like an 18-wheeler or dump truck.

And human carelessness certainly doesn’t make that any better. An oblivious dump truck driver was speeding along Houston’s East Loop Freeway when the bed lifted up. As nearby drivers tried their best to warn the guy behind the wheel, there was no stopping him as he barreled toward a low-hanging highway sign.

In the blink of an eye, the dump truck collides with the overhead sign, causing it to flip over in its lane while the sky rains scrap metal.

Here’s a similar collision from 2015. Yikes.

This video was taken on a busy highway in Saudi Arabia. Come on, people!

Hopefully the driver of the dump truck made it out safely. I’m sure that left everyone nearby rattled to say the least.

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