Odd Things Kept Happening In The Bathroom. Then They Heard A Giggle Behind The Door.

I try not to mess with anything paranormal as much as possible.

Do I know if ghosts exist? No idea, but it seems smarter if they do to just not bother them. If one decided to start hanging around where I work, though? I guess I’d probably just leave.

That’s what I’m guessing happened with these folks, who work at a place called Farmer Boys in Riverside, California. They kept hearing weird things happening in the bathroom after hours, but nothing could prepare them for this.

It’s a single-stall bathroom that was supposedly empty. But if you listen about nine seconds into the video, you’ll hear a distinctly creepy sound.

Twitter / @_konman_

OMG, NOPE! Nope, nope, nope. Sorry, y’all, time to get a brand new job and leave your ghost friend to haunt this building alone.

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