Everything Seems Normal At This Mall, But Just Watch The Escalator — OMG

You know what I can’t handle? Escalators.

Even as a grown-ass adult who has lived in major cities for years now, I look like a toddler whenever I try to take an escalator. The cardio-friendly up side is that it forces me to take the stairs. The downside is that if I’m wandering around with any human who would rather take the escalator, I without fail make an ass out of myself. My mom says it’s been happening for a long time. I believe her.

But this absolute garbage that just happened at a mall in Hong Kong only solidifies my position that escalators are the Devil’s playthings.

One second these people were all like, “Just livin’ my life!” and the next they were all like, “OMG I guess this is it.”

Seventeen people were injured by the rogue escalator because life is trash. Be sure to share this with everyone so that we can disillusion society together. Teamwork is key.

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