15 Dogs Who Really Don’t Know How To Escalator

Some people are so attached to their dogs that they simply can’t function without their four-legged friends by their side.

As a result, many pups are forced to experience things that throw them completely off guard — and nothing seems to do that more than escalators.

The concept of a staircase in motion is pretty confusing for dogs, causing them to react in very interesting ways. Here are 15 curious creatures that could use a lesson or two on how to escalator.

1. “This is strange. Why are we standing still and moving at the same time?”

2. This dog remains relatively calm throughout the entire ordeal.

3. “These are the things my hoomans make me do!”

4. The saying may be “monkey see, monkey do,” but this pup isn’t falling for that nonsense!


5. “Isn’t it bad enough you made me go out in this ugly jacket?”

6. “Dad, are you sure we can’t take the stairs instead?”


7. “Can’t this thing go any faster?”

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8. Stop dragging your feet and get on with it already!

9. “This has all the fun of riding a roller coaster without having to wait in a long line!”


10. “Is this a treadmill or an escalator?”


11. “Let’s just get this over with.”

12. “Hurry up, guys, this is fun!”

13. “Make it stop! Oh, wait — this isn’t so bad!”

14. “You didn’t expect me to walk this on my own four paws, did you?”

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15. Some dogs have it ruff!

Perhaps these pups will have escalators figured out one day. If their silly reactions made you smile, share this with your friends!

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