10 Hilarious Fails That Prove Animals And Exercise Balls Just Don’t Mix

When used correctly, exercise balls can be a huge part of someone’s healthy routine.

In my experience, though, they mostly just roll around the house getting in the way or sit in a corner collecting dust. I should have expected it because animals make everything way better, but it turns out if you give a dog an exercise ball, it gets pretty hilarious. It’s not just dogs, either. These 10 animals, big and small, will make you feel way better about your floundering exercise routine.

1. This goat could have been a top contender for a circus act if he’d have been able to get his act together.


2. Oh, no! Piggie was so happy, and then…


3. So graceful, even in her complete defeat.

Youtube / Justin Ludwigson

4. I mean, what were you TRYING to do in the first place?


5. This flip is so impressive that I’m tempted to think he meant to do it.

Youtube / Brian Drowns

6. “The orb! It’s come to take us!” (Seriously, though, I also run as far away from exercise as I can.)


7. Another way to get out of doing your routine is to just faint, and these fainting goats have a lot of practice.

Youtube / The Peahill Farm

8. I guess ramming it over and over again is sort of a workout?

Youtube / Shannon Theall

9. “It may be three times my size, but I will absolutely kill it.”

Mochi playing with exercise ball

Imgur / fuzzymochi

10. This is possibly the most majestic dog that’s ever existed.

Youtube / eyeCanucK


I can’t stop laughing at #2. Which one of these do you most relate to? Let us know in the comments!

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