Here Are 12 Foolproof Reasons Why You Should NEVER Text An Ex

It’s 1 a.m. on a Saturday and you’re at a bar with your friends. Suddenly, you start playing with your phone and think it a great idea to text your ex, only to instantly regret it. We’ve all been here, and it’s never ended with a good outcome.

Below are some examples of texts you might think are innocent enough to send to an ex. However, your expectation of what the reply will be is never remotely close to reality. In fact, it can make things go horribly wrong.

1. The “how are you?” text.

The "how are you?" text.

That yes says so much more than just yes. It’s saying “go away.”

2. The “sorry” text.

The "sorry" text.

No amount of sorry can heal a broken heart.

3. The “are you awake?” text.

The "are you awake?" text.

Ask and you shall receive, Eric.

4. The “checking in” text.

The "checking in" text.

It’s a question you don’t want to hear the honest answer to.

5. The “why did we break up?” text.

The "why did we break up?" text.

Don’t ever send this one. Seriously.

6. The “just friends” text.

The "just friends" text.

The “just friends” thing hardly ever works out. Once you’ve been down the relationship path, Friendship Road gets closed for good.

7. The “are you free tonight?” text.

The "are you free tonight?" text.

Well, did the text come from the number 666?

8. The “I miss you” text.

The "I miss you" text.

You expect one more night of passionate lovemaking? Think again.

9. The “sup?” text.

The "sup?" text.

Anyone who texts “sup?” is clearly just looking for a hookup. Instead, you’ll probably be reminded why you stopped seeing that person in the first place.

10. The “I was wrong” text.

The "I was wrong" text.

She expected a “miss you, too,” but instead she got this. Ouch.

11. The “I just want to make up” text.

The "I just want to make up" text.

I’d put “A” and “+” together for that response.

12. The “I think I still love you” text.

The "I think I still love you" text.

Dude, a few more emoticon hearts and you would totally have her back.

(via guff)

You really shouldn’t text your ex, as exemplified here. It almost always ends in you either getting burned bad or being reminded of why you broke up in the first place. Sure, there’s a slight chance you might get back together, but it will eventually lead to the same situation again.

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