You’ve Probably Seen Latte Art Before, But This Barista Takes It To A Whole New Level

By now, you’ve probably seen a half a dozen people who can do latte art.

Your local coffee shop might even have a barista who specializes in creating hearts or fun designs in the top of people’s lattes every day. I’m of the opinion that that’s still pretty cool, but there’s one latte artist out there who can top them all. You won’t even be able to believe what he can pull off.

This is the kind of latte art we’re used to seeing every day, and the barista at Cafe C.THROUGH in South Korea does that just fine.

But when he starts to get creative, the colors come out. This is the chemical symbol for caffeine.

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I wouldn’t dream of trying to draw a face in my coffee, but portraits are no big thing at C.THROUGH.

And if you’re a Disney lover? Check. In addition to Bambi, he’s done Ariel, Beauty and the Beast, and many more.

Then there are recreations of masterful works of art. “Starry Night” has never looked so delicious.

Not all of the latte toppers are copies of existing characters or images, however. Sometimes he creates his own scenes.

Check out more of his creations by following him on Instagram.

These look positively too good to drink. I would love to visit this cafe! Share this with all the coffee-drinkers in your life who are sure to be amazed.

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