All This Pup Wanted To Do Was Get Onto The Ottoman…And He Failed Miserably

There’s a reason they say you should always learn to walk before you run — or in this cutie’s case, jump.

Milo is just a tiny puppy who, unlike other more mature dogs, hasn’t yet mastered the art of jumping between separate pieces of furniture without falling, but that definitely didn’t’ stop him from trying. While his parents did their best to help him onto their ottoman by pushing it closer to where he was on the couch, their good intentions ended in his adorably hilarious fall to the ground below.

Watch as Milo gives in to gravity when he can’t hold on any longer in the video below. You did your best, little guy!

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Don’t worry, buddy. Soon your parents won’t be able to stop you from jumping to your heart’s content on all their furniture. Be sure to share this funny video if you admire the pup’s spirit!

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