This Guy Looked Screwed When His Car Burst Into Flames, But Watch Him Escape

One off my biggest fears while learning to drive was that my car would randomly go up in smoke.

Unfortunately for one man in Russia, my worst fears became his reality. While an onlooker recorded the entire ordeal, an unknown man can be seen looking puzzled as the lower half of his blue BMW goes up in flames. But instead of exiting the car right then and there, he instead decided to speed down the street in a panic before jumping out of the blazing vehicle.

Thankfully the driver was uninjured during the ordeal and was able to put out the unexpected flames with the help of local firefighters.

(Via Daily Mail)

Perhaps Hollywood will look to this man to star in the next “Fast and Furious Film.” But all jokes aside, share this heart-stopping video if you’re glad this wasn’t you.

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