Something Incredible Happens When You Blow Cold Air On This Woman’s Hair

Your hair color can say a lot about your personality.

While many of us don’t steer too far from our natural color, some love to try out new, vibrant hues as often as possible. With so many options out there, it’s almost as though we can change our hair anytime our mood changes! Now, hair that actually changes color with our mood isn’t a thing (yet), but this hair care company came out with a hair dye that can change color depending on the weather.

Just before London Fashion Week began, a U.K. company by the name of The Unseen unveiled a temporary hair dye they call FIRE that changes from one color to another when the temperature around you changes.

The dye comes in a variety of pairings, including black and red, black and white, silver and blue, blue and white, and black and yellow. Each dye lasts for a few washes, making the product line perfect for someone who likes to try out new looks frequently.

The secret to the dye is thermochromic ink, which has been used in everything from clothing to dinnerware. Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, believes she has perfected a formula that is completely devoid of anything toxic, making their dyes safe for our hair.

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FIRE is still going through testing, but hopefully soon, it’ll be shining bright in a store near you.

(via Mashable and IFLScience)

To keep up with The Unseen and FIRE, check out their website. And don’t forget to share this article with your fashionable friends who’d love to try out this awesome hair dye.

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