Man Who Normally Sees Crashing Waves On The Beach Finds Ocean Surface Frozen Solid

Imagine going for a nice, winter stroll at your local beach only to be greeted with a gigantic block of ice.

That’s exactly how one man describes his trip to Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth, Massachusetts, this month. He knew it’d be chilly out, but he probably wasn’t expecting to be able to literally walk on the water. Because of the freezing temperatures, it appeared to him as if the whole ocean was frozen solid, though obviously it was just the surface that’d become a sheet of ice.

Check out the awesome footage he captured that day. It looks like a snowy field rather than the wide expanse of the sea!

What a cool sight! I will remind you, though, that it’s not a good idea to walk on the frozen surface of any body of water when you don’t know how much weight it can actually take.

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