This Video Is All The Justification You Need To Be Scared Of Fuel Tanker Trucks

Getting into a car accident is horrific, no matter the circumstances.

Still, there’s a certain fear that comes from the fact that on the highway you’re more likely to be interacting with big trucks that have all kinds of cargo. Last year there was a huge crash involving stinky eels, but a 14-car pileup in Ontario involved a much more dangerous substance — fuel. When two fully loaded fuel tanker trucks collided with an existing crash, the result was explosive.

Explosions and fireballs engulfed the cars, and first responders called the scene “absolute carnage and destruction.” At least three people lost their lives.

This is an important reminder to stay safe on the road and always follow instructions given by first responders when passing an existing accident. All our thoughts to the victims’ families.

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