18 Animals That Are Real Confused By Their Own Body Parts

Drop everything you are doing and prepare to fall in love with these animals who are really confused by their own body parts.

People who lack self-awareness are annoying, but when animals do it? Nothing could be cuter! From dogs to cats, giraffes to cows, these 18 creatures have no idea where their body parts came from or how to use them but they are bound and determined to figure it out.

1. When this kitty cleans her paws, they take on a life of their own!

2. “Where in the heck did this leg come from? Has it been here this whole time?”

3. “No clue what this thing is. I’d better chew on it for a while.”

4. Honestly, the tail deserved it for sneaking up on her like that.


5. “Attack! Attack! Attack!”


6. There’s nothing cuter or more awkward than a baby animal discovering that it has legs.


7. “Hey, Ma! What are these long things for?”

"Hey, Ma! What are these long things for?"

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8. This elephant calf is all of us trying to get out of bed in the morning.




10. Being a Shih Tzu is hard work. He has no idea how his body works, so he’s decided to plank until he figures it out.

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11. This cat had the same exact idea!

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12. “Tongue? What tongue? I am clearly one with the floor.”

"Tongue? What tongue? I am clearly one with the floor."

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13. Cats aren’t the only ones surprised by their tails! There’s nothing this little pup wants more than to catch that weird thing that keeps following him around.


14. “Ha, I got you now! I shall remove you from this house immediately.”


15. Poor Mr. Snake. That is not how you are supposed to shed. Not at all.

16. “Who is that guy? He sure is ugly!”


17. “Maybe if I run straight at him, he’ll go away — shit. This guy’s good.”


18. Last but not least, I present two ducks that have no idea how their bodies work. You don’t have to worry about them having babies anytime soon!

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