It’s That Time Again — Here Are 15 Graduation Fails To Get You Into The Spirit

I don’t know about you, but one of my biggest fears about walking at graduation was that I’d trip and fall on my ass before receiving my diploma.

I’m honestly surprised that despite my extremely klutzy nature, I managed to stay on my feet during both my high school and college graduations — but unfortunately, these poor students can’t say the same. Whether they were trying to show off, wore the wrong footwear, or just became the unfortunate victims of slippery floors, they’ll likely never forget the humiliation they felt when they ate it.

Here are 15 of the most cringeworthy graduation fails because what’s any school event without at least one embarrassing moment?

1. This will forever be known as the nasty smack heard ’round graduation.

2. God, that looks painful.


3. And this is why I refuse to ever wear high heels.

4. “I’ll save you!”


5. She must have gotten crushed by her massive pile of student debt.


6. THUD.

7. From on top of the world to just falling flat.


8. You gotta give him credit for bouncing back so fast.

9. No handshake for you, professor.

YouTube / Jordan Flower


10. At least the stage was pretty close to the ground.

11. Again, just say no to heels.

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12. Weeeee!

YouTube / Jordan Flower


13. Maybe save those cartwheels for later, champ.

14. This poor guy must’ve been mortified.

15. Just tell them the ghost of an angry student pushed you.

YouTube / Jordan Flower


Now I totally understand why some people decided to opt out of their graduations. Share these funny fails if something embarrassing happened to you while you were receiving your diploma.

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