This Security Guard Did The Coolest, Funniest Thing When His Favorite Song Came On

After a grueling few periods, Russia’s HC Amur fans were desperate for just about anything to keep them going.

Thanks to one groovy security guard, the crowd’s prayers were answered. Seemingly out of nowhere, the once stern guard quickly unbuttoned his suit jacket and began busting out some killer dance moves that would make the King of Pop jealous. Spectators couldn’t get enough as they clapped along to the beat. At one point, two cheerleaders even joined in!

Let’s all just be thankful that someone filmed this!

(via Daily Mail)

Unfortunately, the guard’s routine wasn’t enough to help HC Amur snag a win, but at least he won over the hearts of millions. And if you think this man’s moves are contagious, be sure to share this with everyone you know.

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