He Thought He Was Hugging His Sister In A Haunted House. He Definitely Wasn’t.

I don’t know about you, but I hate haunted houses.

I just don’t like to be scared! But some people I know really get a thrill out of the experience. Even though I think of haunted houses as an American experience, it turns out they’re all over the world. In China, a brother and sister went in a haunted house together, and for a while, they were walking single file. The brother, Mr. Zhai, thinking his sister was still back there, grabbed what he thought was her hand. What he saw when he turned around, however, made him truly freak out.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment Mr. Zhai realized he was dealing with a “ghost,” and his jump scare is too hilarious.


I absolutely would have died. Share this with the horror lovers in your life!

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