This Rooster Left The Coop And Is So Bafflingly Huge, Its Size Will Shock You

You’d probably agree that chickens are some of the least intimidating creatures around, but would you change your mind if they were a lot bigger?

If it still doesn’t seem that scary, then you’ve probably never seen or heard of a Brahma chicken.Known as the kings of chickens, these birds are simply massive.They were developed in the U.S. from birds imported from Shanghai.The average weight for roosters is about 12 pounds while hens average out at about 10 pounds, but roosters can reach up to 18 pounds — which I’m sure is around what this particularly colossal bird weighs.

Merakli the rooster is from Kosovo and is very likely the ruler of his coop just because of his sheer size.When you see how huge he really is, you’ll understand why many would feel the need to run away from him.

Piss this dinosaur off and it’ll probably be the last thing you do.

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All I can hope is that he’s a lot friendlier than he looks.Would you be brave enough to pet this absolute beast?Be sure to share this video with others if his size seems completely unreal.

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