This Kitten Had A Bump On Its Head. What They Pulled Out Of It Will Make You Queasy

Okay, storytime.

My dog isn’t exactly outdoorsy. She’s a lazy pup who I firmly believe is half dachshund, half potato and when it comes to playing outside, she needs to do it in small doses. After all, there are always couch naps to be had. But when she ventured up to New England with me, she decided to live life on the edge and play in the woods for a little while. The downside? She made a new friend in the process — a larva that had to be popped out by the vet. Gross, I know.

But that little bug doesn’t hold a candle to what vets just pulled out of this poor kitten’s head and neck. When you see what they managed to remove from the tiny nugget, you won’t even believe your eyes.

Do you see the hole that thing left behind?! Life is horrible.

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This poor kitten. I don’t even know what to say beyond the fact that I hope it’s okay now. Be sure to share this story with anyone who has ever wronged you for nasty revenge.

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