These 6 Photos Look Innocent, But What Happened After They Were Taken Is Terrifying

Serial killers are very dark humans we may never truly understand, and some are more twisted than others. The most disturbing killers are the ones who take photos of, or with, their victims. When these monsters are finally caught, their tragic, photographic trophies are often taken in as evidence.

Over the years, some photographs eventually resurface and become public. These pictures were never intended to see the light of day. Looking at them now, knowing that the person in the photo was doomed to meet a horrible end, sends chills down your spine.

These poor souls.

1. Larry Pearson.

Larry Pearson.


Pearson was a victim of serial killer Bob Berdella, who hunted and sexually abused young men. Berdella kidnapped Pearson, who was working as a male prostitute, and forced him to be his sex slave. Because Pearson was more cooperative than Berdella’s other victims, he lived longer. Their “relationship” lasted for six weeks. However, when Pearson made a failed escape attempt Berdella brutally murdered him.

2. Todd Stoops.

Todd Stoops.


Stoops was also a victim of Berdella. Berdella kidnapped and held the 23-year-old hostage for two months. During that time, Berdella regularly raped and tortured him with electric shocks. Eventually, Berdella’s abuses killed Stoops. The repeated rape gave Stoops a rectal rupture. As he was bleeding profusely, Berdella gave him animal antibiotics to keep him alive, but to no avail. It’s said that Berdella injected Drano into Stoops’ eyes right before he died.

3. Karen Sprinker.

Karen Sprinker.


Sprinker was 19 years old when she was murdered by serial killer, Jerry Brudos. Brudos abducted the college student from a department store parking lot. Back at his house Brudos forced Sprinker to model women’s underwear for him in his garage. Not long after, Brudos killed her by hanging her from a hook in the ceiling. According to police, after Sprinker was dead Brudos had sex with her body and cut off her breasts.

4. Judith Dull.

Judith Dull.


Dull was a 19-year-old divorcee in Los Angeles looking to start her modeling career when she met “Glamour Girl Killer,” Harvey Glatman. Glatman moved to L.A. and posed as a glamour photographer. He used his assumed identity to lure women to his hotel room, where he would tie them up, take pictures, and kill them. Glatman lured Dull to his room with the promise of work posing for a crime fiction magazine.

5. Shirley Ann Bridgeford.

Shirley Ann Bridgeford.


Bridgeford was another of Glatman’s victims. The two met through a dating service, and Glatman, under a fake name, took her for a drive through the countryside. Once they were far enough away from the city, Glatman pulled over, and made Bridgeford strip for him. He then tied her up, raped her, and photographed her before finally strangling her to death. He then left her body by the side of the road.

6. Shari Miller.

Shari Miller.


In 1984 serial killer William Richard Bradford met the young Miller in Los Angeles where she was working as a bartender. Bradford said he was a professional photographer and promised to help Miller jumpstart her modeling career. The two went to a secluded spot in the desert outside L.A. for a photo shoot. Bradford snapped a few pictures before strangling Miller to death.

(source: Reddit)

The most frightening thing about these photos is the reminder that those terrible acts could have happened to anyone. They were innocent people. Many were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Let’s take a moment of silence to remember them and hope that their souls find peace.

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